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“So finally; what’s the hardest thing about being on tour?” Each boy had their own response ready, and went in their correct order; Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis.

“Missing our girlfriends.”

“Never really settling down to unpack; living out of a suitcase isn’t as fun as one would think.”

“The constant pressure of having to move.”

“There are NEVER any freaking Nando’s anywhere!”

“You forgot the worst one.” All boys turned to Louis.


“JETLAG!” Zayn groaned loudly.

“Oh god I hate jetlag! My internal clock doesn’t exist anymore!” Niall nodded adamantly.

“I know right! It’s awful! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love traveling to other countries and meeting all of the fans and all, but it’s exhausting.” Christina giggled and nodded before standing up.

“Well, that wraps up our interview! Thank you so so much; it was a pleasure.” Each lad stood up to give her a quick hug and Christina practically skipped off stage, giddy to have touched her idols, bringing a smile to her interviewees, who still had trouble believing that they had this affect on people. Paul motioned them back to their dressing room.

“Alright,” he said, closing the door behind them. “It’s another night on the bus, unless you want to stay in a hotel.” The same thought went through the boy’s minds; Tiny beds versus larger ones to share with someone else. . .

“HOTEL!” Paul smiled, shaking his head.

“So predictable. Well, the closest hotel is a Harrah’s; you okay with that?” After five enthusiastic nods, Paul opened the door. “Perfect. You should be able to walk there; it’s only three blocks. I’ll reserve the room for you lot and have the tour bus bring your stuff.” Dismissed, Louis ran out of the room, screaming “FREEDOM!” followed shortly by Niall, Liam, Zayn, and finally Harry, who was walking slowly in hopes to catch a glimpse of their interviewer through her dressing room door.

“Harry; come on,” Liam said jokingly, pulling his curly-haired mate away from the door by his ear.

“Ow, ow, OW Li that’s attached to my head, ow, ow, ow!”

“Now now,” Niall asked jokingly, “What would Taylor say?” Harry rolled his eyes and pulled away from Liam’s grip.

“You know we’re not together; I don’t know why all of the fans have to make up a ‘ship’ wit every single fucking girl that I just happen to hang out with or date ONCE or anything!”

“Sorry Haz,” Niall said quickly, holding his hands up defensively. Sighing, Harry nodded, smirking sadly.

“I know, its okay. It’s just annoying sometimes, you know?”

“Yeah; we all know,” Zayn reminded Harry, who opened his mouth, paused, and slowly closed his mouth, nodding in recognition.

“Riiiiiight,” he said as One Direction walked out onto the street, hoping to be invisible against the possible hoard of fans. “I know it sounds weird, but sometimes it feels like you’re on this whole journey alone.”

“I know what you mean,” Liam admitted, wrapping his arm around his mate’s shoulders. “It’s nice to be able to drag your best mates along for the ride.” A blonde girl in short shorts passed them and Harry paused to look back at her. Sensing something was amiss, she turned around, caught him staring at where her bum was just a few seconds ago, and flipped him the bird. Harry pursed his lips and turned around slowly to his mates, who were laughing hysterically.

“She showed you,” Niall managed through his giggles. Harry blushed darkly and shifted his gaze towards the pavement. Zayn meandered towards the lad and patted his shoulder comfortingly.

“There there Haz; she was probably a wonderful, pure, and perfect girl. There’ll be others. . . possibly.” Harry grinned and playfully shoved Zayn away, shaking his head.

“Is that it,” he asked, pointing to a hotel across the street. “The Harrah’s Paul was talking about?” Liam squinted at the hotel logo before nodding happily.

“Yup; that’s the one. Give me a second to text Paul and find out what room we’re staying in.” Zayn smiled.

“Beat you to it; Penthouse suite, room 201.”

“Suite? Sweet.”

“No Louis, no,” Niall said. Crossing the street, Louis pause outside of the spinning doors and held up his hand to stop the rest of One Direction.

“American accents. Go!” Stretching out their jaws and murmuring a few words under their breath, the British lads walked into the lobby, determined to become Americans. The girl at the desk immediately straightened and wrapped a stray strand of hair around her bun.

“Hi; can I help you?” Louis leisurely stepped forward and rested his arm on the counter.

“Yeah; penthouse suite, number two oh one.” She keyed up the room on the computer system and looked at the name on for the room.

“Alright then. . . which one of you is a Mr. Paul Higgens?” The lads looked at each other awkwardly.

“Give us a moment,” Liam said, calling Paul. “Yeah, hi Paul. . . well the room’s in your name. . . uh huh. . . how long?. . . right now?. . . oh, there you are,” he said, watching the tour bus pull up in front of the hotel. Paul jumped out of the bus, identification in hand, and walked up to the counter.

“I would be Paul Higgens.” The girl looked at the ID skeptically, glancing back and forth from the photo to the man. She nodded and handed him back the card.

“Checks out. I’m assuming the room is for your. . .”

“Son and his friends, yes,” Paul said, wrapping an arm around Louis’ shoulders. His ‘son’s friends’ bit their lips to stop from laughing.

“Lucky boys, what to get the penthouse suite and all.” They nodded happily as she passed them each a room card. “Just insert one into the slot in the elevator wall and the button for the penthouse suites will activate. Enjoy your stay,” she said, smiling sweetly.

“Okay. Come outside and get your bags,” he said, leading them out. They burst out laughing at Louis, who’s face reddened considerably. Two duffel bags sat outside on the curb which Liam and Zayn threw over their shoulders. “I’ll see you later.”

“You’re not staying in the hotel with us,” Harry asked.


“Why not,” Niall asked, cocking his head to the side.

“Not a big fan of hotels.”


“I just don’t. Plus, you shouldn’t need a babysitter.” Liam tilted his head from side to side, debating whether or not that was true.

“Right,” Louis said rather unconvincingly. “Well let’s go lads; we’ve got a penthouse to trash.” Paul rubbed his temples. “Kidding, kidding. Come on!” He, Niall, and Harry ran excitedly through the lobby. Zayn and Liam were about to follow, but Paul called their names.

“Liam! Zayn! Boys, please keep them out of trouble. It’s late and we can’t have them up for too long.”

“We will,” they chorused before running into the hotel at top speed. The elevator ride up was surprisingly short and after seemingly only being inside for a minute, the doors opened on the twenty-sixth floor. The lads could already hear and argument in the room, and with a roll of their eyes, they scanned the card and opened the door.

“It’s not fair!”

“It is!”

“What’s going on,” Zayn asked, tossing his bag onto the couch. Louis glared at Harry, who looked at him stunned.

“He’s saying that he gets the singlet because of his ‘back problems’.” Everyone else sighed.

“I’m sorry, okay?” Liam sighed in frustration.

“Haz, why can’t you share a bed with someone?” He sighed.

“You know how I have really bad posture?” They all nodded, waiting for the rest of the story. “Well, when I shared a bed with one of you,” Louis looked down, remembering this story and feeling incredibly guilty. “You kneed me or kicked me in your sleep right on my lower back. Remember? I had to go to the chiropractor.” Louis lowered his head even further.

“I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s okay; I’m fine now,” Harry said, giving him a short hug. “So to prevent any of you possibly doing that again-“

“Take the bed and be done with it,” Zayn said dismissively. “I’m sharing with someone then. Don’t care who.”

“I’ve already picked my bed out,” Niall said. “You want the one near the window or the one near the bathroom?”

“Bathroom; I have to be close to my mirror.” Niall laughed mockingly.

“Predictable.” Liam shrugged.

“Window for me; I like the view.”

“Cool. I’m by the window, so Louis that means you’re bunking with Zayn.”

“Okay.” Zayn looked at him worriedly. “What?”

“Just try not to kick me. Anywhere.” Louis blushed.

“I won’t; I promise.”

“Well, you’re sleeping so-“

“I won’t!”

“Guys!” They turned to Liam, mid-argument. “It seriously doesn’t matter!”

“Well. . . maybe. . . yeah, you’re right.” Soon after, the lads disbanded, Harry and Zayn alone in the bedroom, setting up their rightful beds.

“Just be careful; Lou’s a bit of a blanket hog,” Harry warned Zayn, who looked up a bit nervously. He was the coldest at night, regardless to how many blankets you gave him.

“How much so?” Harry laughed.

“Caterpillar in a cocoon. Wake me up if he does it; it’s almost impossible to get them back on your own. Luckily, he’s a heavy sleeper.”

“No duh,” Zayn said, rolling his eyes. “He slept through that storm in Hawaii, remember? When Niall got scared?” Harry nodded. “Why’d he go to you?”

“’Cuz Louis would make fun of him-“


“Liam would send him back to bed-“


“And you would have told him to go away ‘cuz you were sleeping.”

“N- we-, okay, that’s probably true too.” Liam knocked on the wall before entering with the rest of the lads.

“It’s ten- Family Guy’s on.” Zayn smiled.


“Just get ready for bed first.” In response, Zayn pulled down his pants, ‘changing’ into nighttime attire. Liam covered his eyes incase the tee and boxers would follow, making both the lads laugh, but thankfully Zayn was done, and smirking.

“Not naked here Li; Harry hasn’t rubbed THAT much off on me.” Liam put his hand back down at his side.

“Okay, good. Come on; you’re gonna miss it.” Zayn and Harry excitedly followed Liam into the main room of the suite and sat on the floor in front of the couch just as the show came on.

~One episode later ;D ~

“Louis, you wanna go to sleep?” The brunette shook his head, stifling a yawn.

“Nah Haz, not tired.”

“Bullshit.” Harry’s smirk grew as Louis yawned again. “Come on, bed time for you Boo Bear.” Louis sighed wearily, but stood up, leaning heavily on Harry, and staggered to the bedroom.

“I’m tired too,” Liam said, stretching.

“Same.” Niall walked off with Liam, but turned back to Zayn, cocking his head to the side. “You comin’?”

“Not yet; later. Rerun episode’s on.” The Irish lad shrugged and left Zayn alone to watch the episode. About halfway through the show, a commercial for mattresses came on. like most commercials of this ‘genre’ go, it began with the typical Couple-can’t-sleep-due-to-mattress bit. An epiphany hit Zayn, and he sprang up, slamming the power button on the remote control. “Oh please be up,” he begged running down the hall. “Please be up, please be up, please be u- oh, of course.” He sighed, resting his hip against the door frame while Louis snored loudly, somehow cocooned in the comforter, as Harry had predicted, while simultaneously spread out to each corner of the bed.

Zayn made his way over to the bed slowly and sighed. The rest of the lads were snoring softly; Liam and Niall curled up together while Harry slept alone, oddly still. He was too afraid to wake Louis and face his wrath, so he slowly made his way over to Harry and shook the boy’s shoulder. The instant Harry opened his eyes, Zayn felt guilty. “He’s hogging the blanket isn’t he?” Zayn nodded. “Wipe that look off your face, I don’t care that you woke me up.” Harry rolled out of his bed and tiptoed over to Louis, chuckling slightly. “Is this how you found him?”

“Nope,” Zayn said, smiling. Louis had curled into a tight ball, layered by the blanket. “Before he was spread out. And still hogging the blanket.” Harry quietly whistled.

“Impressive.” He surveyed the sleeping lad and tugged at the blanket. “Okay, nice an easy,” he murmured to himself, pulling at the blanket. Louis moved himself over in response, freeing up half of the blanket. “Hold on; I’ll get you the rest of it.” Harry pressed two fingers into Louis’ side and, as he had predicted, Louis giggled in his sleep and curled up, letting go of the blanket.

“Pressure point?” Harry nodded, smirking.

“Yup. Lou’s insanely ticklish; it works on him every time.” Zayn locked that comment away in his mind. “You all set then?”

“Yeah. Thanks Haz,” Zayn said, sliding under the freed covers. Harry nodded and patted his mate on the head.

“No problem. Nightie night Zaynie.”

“Yeah yeah, g’night Hazza Bear,” Zayn replied, rolling his eyes. Louis rolled over, facing Zayn in his sleep. It was too tempting an opportunity to pass up, so Zayn reached forward and lightly tickled Louis’ stomach. The lad laughed softly in his sleep and brought his knees up to cover his sensitive belly. Zayn smirked and simply dug into Louis’ sides, tickling him until he woke himself up. Zayn shut his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

“Ahahaha, huh?” Louis sat up and looked at Zayn, who was ‘sleeping’ beside him. “What? I coulda sworn someone was ti- never mind, whatever,” he muttered, lying back down next to Zayn and falling back asleep, Zayn following shortly after.

The night was uneventful, and the next morning, Zayn woke up and miserably staggered out of bed, feeling exhausted, despite getting almost ten hours of sleep. He was the second to last to wake up and joined the rest of his awake mates on the couch, reading or on their iPads. Liam looked up and smiled at Zayn who was walking slowly towards them, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “Morning sexy.” Zayn squinted at him and rubbed over his bed head.

“Morning LiLi,” he returned, lying down on the floor, hands behind his head. “Time is it?”

“Roughly nine fifteen. We should wake Louis up at about ten, if he’s not up yet,” Harry said, not looking up.

“Oh! I forgot about that meeting!” Liam stood up immediately. “I should go tell Paul! Niall, come with?” The Irish lad shrugged, getting up.

“Sure. Harry, Louis; you wanna wake up Lou?”

“Eh. Sure.” Niall waved goodbye before following Liam down the hall. “Come on Zayn. Let’s go wake up Lou Bear.” Zayn shrugged and walked down the hall with Harry to Louis, who was still knocked out cold. “Louis, wake up,” Harry shouted. Louis kept on snoring, not aroused a bit by Harry’s volume. “LOUIS! WAKE UP!” Zayn smiled, shocked at how deaf Louis seemed to be. “That usually works!” Zayn smirked.

“Well he’s ticklish, right?” Harry shrugged.

“Yeah. So?”

“So wake him up that way,” he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Harry shook his head.

“NO! He’ll get me back!” Zayn, not taking his eyes off of Louis, poked Harry in the side. “Nohaha Zayn!”

“Sorry, but it had to be done!”

“No it didn’t!”

“Okay, maybe it didn’t. But I won’t let him get you; I promise.” Harry shrugged, but seemed to be okay with the idea now. He dug his fingers into Louis’ side.

“Wakie wakie Louis,” he sang, watching the sleeping lad squirm in his sleep.

“Stahahap,” he whispered, clearly saying it louder in his mind.

“Wake up first Lou,” Zayn said, pressing into his ribs. Louis moved his hands out from under his head and turned over, trying to swat Harry and Zayn off of his body, giggling uncontrollably in his sleep. But with his eyes shut, he couldn’t see where to hit, so his sides ad ribs remained under the lad’s nimble fingers.

“Plehehehehease hahaha stahahahahap!” Harry smiled in awe.

“How the hell is he still sleeping through this,” Zayn asked, voicing Harry’s thoughts.

“I don’t know,” the curly-haired lad replied, laughing. “But if you want me to, I can wake him up. His feet is his worst spot.” Zayn shook his head then reconsidered.

“Well, go slowly on his feet, so that he doesn’t wake up. This is fun!” Harry nodded and let Zayn move to Louis’ belly while he moved to the lad’s feet, pulling the comforter off the bed as he walked down. Louis was barefoot as always, and his toes started twitching the second he felt fingertips ghosting over his soles.

“Eheheeeha stahahahahahap eheheahaha plehehehehease!” Zayn grinned.

“Wow. You were right.” Harry smiled, scratching at Louis’ heels, bringing his laughter up an octave.

“I know my Boo Bear. His second worst spot is his belly. Go nuts.” Zayn shifted himself into a straddling position over Louis’ waist and ran his nails over the boy’s stomach in random circles. Louis squeaked, leaving REM sleep and going into NON-REM sleep, one stage before waking up. But he wouldn’t for a while, which was probably a good thing. Both lads laughed at his reaction and sped up their fingers.

“HEYehehehehehehehehe plehehehehehease ihihihihih’m ahahahaha behehehehegging yohohohohou eheheehe nohohohohoh mohohohohohre eheheheahahaha!” Somehow, he was still sleeping, which was astounding to his torturers.

“Bet I can make him laugh louder than you.” Harry looked up and smiled.

“You’re on. Come down here.” Zayn stood up and went down to Louis’ feet. Harry quickly stepped up his tickling, scribbling all over Louis’ soles. The brunette laughed wildly in his sleep, struggling like mad. But with Harry’s body holding his legs down, he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Ahahahahahahahaha suhuhuhumwahahahahahahahan ahaha hehehehehehehelp meheheheehehe!” Harry smirked and continued as Zayn stood up and went back to his post, barely touching his fingers to the boy’s lower tummy. Harry stood up and sat down next to Zayn on the bed. Louis’ laughter seemed quieter now that his feet weren’t being tortured, but Zayn wasn’t going to let that stop him. He knew Louis had a sweet spot somewhere.

“You’re not gonna win this,” Harry said cockily. Zayn glared and dug in to Louis’ soft skin.

“Nahahahahahahaha stahahahahahaahahahahap! NOahahahahahaha MOREAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahaha heheheheehahahehaheha!” Harry looked worried and moved back to Louis’ feet, digging into his arches. “Plehehehehehehehehease ahahahaha stahahahahahahahahahap!” Louis was closer to waking up now, and his mates sensed it.

“He’s gonna wake up soon,” Harry said, stopping for a moment. Zayn repeated his actions and Louis’ laughter died down, still feeling their fingers torturing his skin. “I know he’s more ticklish than this.” He paused. “Did you try his bellybutton yet?”

“No. Did you go under his toes?” Harry smacked his forehead.

“That’s where he’s the worst! How the hell did I forget that?”

“Don’t beat yourself up about it, Haz. Just get him now.” That said, both lads began attacking Louis, who shrieked.


“Hey guys, is Louis awake?” Zayn and Harry shared a quick glance before turning to Niall and Liam who had just walked in.

“Just woke up. How ya doing Lou?”

“Awful!” Louis shuddered.

“What happened Lou,” Liam asked, concerned as usual.

“I had a nightmare that these faceless people stole me and tied me up and tickled me to death!” Niall burst out laughing harder than the other lads, who were all holding their sides. “It’s not funny,” Louis murmured, blushing darkly. Liam grinned, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Didn’t know you were ticklish Lou,” was all that had to be said before Louis fell back into a steady laughter, fighting off the fingers ambushing his feet, knees, tummy, and armpits.


“Boys! I swear, you need to get up and get packing, or else-“ Five heads turned to Paul, who sighed. “I don’t care. Just get ready.” He walked out of the room to sit on the couch and wait. The four boys dislodged themselves from Louis and quickly threw their items into the duffel bags. Louis curled up into a ball, scratching away the phantom feelings off of his body.

“You good Louis?” The brunette glared at Niall, who had been the one attacking his feet, but took the hand Niall was offering and pulled himself up. “Good; Paul wants us out of here.” They followed the rest of the lads out of the room and down to the tour bus.

“Now; what I saw coming in here,” Paul said, ignoring the smiles on the lad’s faces, except for Louis’, of course. “You can do; just not to Louis.”

“WHAT?!” Paul smirked and patted a beaming Louis on the shoulder. “You leave my son alone.” The smile instantly vanished from Louis’ face as he looked at Paul.

“You’re not going to do that often, are you?” Paul smiled.

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